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Let our experience work for you. When you invite us to your home, business or factory you can count on just that… experience. The benefit of that experience is knowing the most efficient way to find problems, install devices, run conduit or wire machinery. That means you get efficient service translating into lower cost and what we like to call “Extreme Value”.

Experience: knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered or undergone.


enrgy saving tips
  1. Use a power strip on your home electronics if at all possible and completely turn off the power to the equipment when not in use. 75% OF THE ELECTRICITY USED TO POWER HOME ELECTRONICS IS CONSUMED WHILE THE PRODUCTS ARE TURNED OFF.

  2. Install dimmer switches for incandescent lighting. These switches reduce power consumption by letting you use only the light you need, while providing the opportunity to set the overall mood in a room.

  3. Install LEDs in place of incandescent lamps. REMEMBER TO MAKE SURE YOUR LED IS MARKED “DIMMABLE” IF YOU ARE REPLACING LIGHTS CONTROLLED BY A DIMMER.  LED’s use 75% less energy than incandescent lamps and it is especially important to use them in areas of your home where the lights are on for many hours at a time, such as the kitchen and living room.

  4. When possible, use cold water to wash clothes.  90 % of the energy used in a washer is for water heating

  5. Many people cover their Air Conditioner in the winter months. This is not recommended as enclosing of the unit can lead to premature rusting of components and invite pests which can damage parts. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO TURN OFF YOUR AIR COND CIRCUIT BREAKER WHEN NOT IN USE FOR LONG PERIODS.