As a building or remodeling contractor, you probably have had a number of electricians working for you as a sub-contractor.  These days, there are many choices for your electrical wiring needs. At Parkland, we believe in establishing a mutual relationship based on trust and reliability. After all, when it comes to the electrical work that you need, and to be done under your name, the real job of a sub-contractor is to make you look good.  That means we keep the end user informed as to schedule, cost, options and above all, keep your workplace and their home or office clean.  The last thing you want is a phone call that someone hasn’t shown up or left a workplace dirty.  As we all know, those memories last longer than the good things we all try and do every day.   

We have been working with many of our building partners for greater than 10 and 15 years plus.  We appreciate this relationship and for that reason have not aggressively called on builders and remodelers to gain an inroad.  If the time is right, you are currently seeking a better option, or the company you are working with is no longer available or not performing the work  “under your name” as you deserve, please call me, Dennis Dockter. I would love the opportunity to speak with you. 

Please give us a call for a no obligation consultation. 262-549-4554